How to reusable empty shampoo bottles? Jun 07, 2022
In our daily life, there will be some used shampoo and shower gel bottles. Most people think that these empty bottles are useless. In fact, these empty bottles can still be used for waste recycling. Today I will teach you how to use empty bottle to transform a practical bathroom storage.
Need ready Materials:

empty bottle, utility knife, marker,lighter

Production steps:

Fristly,Prepare an empty clean bottle.Use a utility knife to cut the upper part of the empty bottle first.

Secondly trim the edges with scissors.Please attention Trim the edges to prevent hand scratches.

Then Put the mouth of the bottle on the top of the bottle, and draw a circle with a few pens.Use a utility knife to cut along the scribed part.

Finally,use a lighter to burn along all the cut edges to make the edges smoother.Then buckle the mouth of the bottle inside the circle and put the soap in it.You can put toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toiletries in the remaining places.

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