The difference between foam hand sanitizer and ordinary hand sanitizer May 20, 2022

Hand sanitizer is an item we all use when we wash our hands. Hand sanitizer can help us better clean our hands. There are many kinds of hand sanitizers on the market, commonly used liquid hand sanitizers, foam hand sanitizers, and gel hand sanitizers. Foaming hand sanitizer is innovative and breakthrough in function and concept compared to ordinary hand sanitizer. To put it simply, the foam is relatively rich, and it is foam when you press it directly. This type of foam hand sanitizer is more water-efficient to clean, and it is also relatively clean and easy to rinse.

Liquid hand sanitizer is the most basic type. The advantage is that it has strong cleaning power and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. However, compared with other types of hand sanitizers, the rinsing time is relatively slow. Liquid hand sanitizer needs to be rubbed to generate foam. With the water flow, the cleaning power can be fully released.

Foam-type hand sanitizers are usually equipped with a special pump head, which is extruded into a foam state, eliminating the need for rubbing and foaming, and rinsing is more labor-saving. The foam pump head of the foam hand sanitizer plays a very important role in this regard.Foshan Ruili Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.specializes in the production of foam pump heads, lotion pump heads and bottles. Welcome to consult and place an order.

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