What kind of packaging do consumers value when choosing skin care products? Dec 03, 2021

The increasing improvement of people's purchasing power has witnessed a prosperous developing skin care market. When people choose skin care products, they don't just focus on the product itself, but more on packaging and other factors. According to a recent report of Chinese consumers’ habit of purchasing skin care products, it shows that product packaging accounts for 17.8% when choosing these kind of products, which shows the importance of product packaging. So, what do consumers focus on in terms of product packaging?

packaging design for cosmetics

Environmentally friendly products are preferred.

Low-carbon and environmental protection has become the life concept of consumers. When choosing skin care products, consumers care about whether the packaging material is safe and adhere to environmental protection. As to this aspect, our foam pumps, lotion pumps, plastic bottles and cosmetic tubes are safe and environmentally friendly and ISO certified that are suitable for skin care and beauty products.

Packaging appearance is paid more attention.

A cosmetic bottle with good looking shape and design is more likely to accepted by consumers, and they are willing to pay for the appearance of skin care products packaging. This phenomenon is particularly evident in people aged 18-34 years old. Our cosmetic pumps, cosmetic bottles, lotion bottle pumps and plastic tubes can be customized through different processes in order to satisfy different needs and help our clients take the lead in the market.

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