Congratulations to our new office Jul 13

Since the establishment of the company, the company has been specialized in making daily chemical packaging foam pump products. It has a good reputation in the industry. Nowadays, the daily chemical market is developing more and more fiercely. Product diversification and integrated OEM are the only way under the trend of socialized mass production and great collaboration. In order to meet customer needs and provide better customer service, the company added a new office building in Huadu District, Guangzhou.

On July 1, 2021, Ruili Packaging ushered in the opening of a new office building. The new office building is not only the image of the company, but also a new route for Ruili Packaging’s new dream-building journey. The environment of the office building will show the Swiss The brand-new image of Lee Packaging, with a more comfortable working atmosphere, a more comprehensive corporate display, and more professional products and services, will bring a better experience to customers and friends.

2021 is a brand new stage of the rapid development of Ruili Packaging. I believe that through the unremitting efforts of all Ruili colleagues, we will strive to develop and innovate in the new journey for a shared future!

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