Learning, getting rid of the panic of skills Jun 03

In this increasingly competitive bubble economy market, There is a kind of panic, neither economic panic nor political panic. But the ability to panic, no matter what the market, we have to face up to it, we should be clear: Improving one's competitiveness is king.

Skilled, hard-working, it is absolutely no problem to do things alone. But it is a little overwhelmed to ask him to lead a group of people to do things ... " There is a transformation problem when technical professionals step into management positions. Skilled experts also have to change roles when they take office as team leaders In order to improve the comprehensive ability of middle and grass-roots managers,

on May 28, 2021, Employees of Ruili packaging Company meet and communicate with the deputy general manager. Focusing on the idea that middle and grass-roots personnel expect to strengthen their study of methods and tools, From the responsibilities of team leaders, one-day management of teams and groups, high-efficiency morning meetings, Problem awareness and problem vision, through analysis and security discussion, all staff sharing, targeted discussion, etc.

The Colleaguesput what they have learned into practice and put forward improvement plans at work and on site Work and site improvement schemes have been put forward one after another, and solidified in the workshop site under the guidance of various leaders This meeting and exchange not only brought about conceptual innovation, but also strengthened the team leader's consciousness and role cognition, and promoted the improvement of ability. At the same time, it brings great benefits to the company's quality, cost, delivery time, safety and site. And the field change of Rayleigh plastics is promoted.

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