What should I do if the shower gel pump can't bomb? May 27, 2022

First, the easiest way is to replace a new pump head. For example, the shampoo pump head has a foam pump and a lotion pump, but most of the lotion pumps are used on the market. 28mm,30mm,33mmetc., you need to choose the suitable one.

Second, hold the bottle tightly, first tighten the cap of the bottle clockwise, then tighten the pump head, the tighter better the pump head,until it can't be rotated, some will bounce off after tightening, and some need to be counterclockwise again rotate back a little and pop off immediately. It should be noted that during this process, remember to ensure that the bottle cap does not rotate along with it.
Then,if the cap of the shower gel does not spring up, it may be due to a problem with the spring in the pump head. At this time, the bottle cap can be unscrewed and the tightness of the spring can be adjusted to make the pump head bounce again.
Finally, you can try to put the bottle upside down and tap it lightly, then rotate it to the left or right according to the direction indicated by the bottle mouth, and it will pop up automatically when you hear a click sound.

Foam pump or lotion pump the best choice -RuiLi Packaging

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